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Sunday, January 4, 2009


Come along we introspect or evaluate and calculate back of our daily routine. Sometimes we will find out our practice are overturned or contrary from fit what carried out and demanded by Islamic. May be we unconscious or has neglected or get carried away with others life culture. Note what broadcast at below as reverse example of habit:-

1. Funeral feast practice several nights which is done by family simati after something death (first night, second, third, seventh and further) are overturned from what organised by Rasulullah s.a.w where Rasulullah s.a.w has been organising neighbours cooking food for the family simati to ease they hardship and grief. That family has been hit by grief, impel also prepare food and cost for them who come read tahlil. Did not those who present eating that feast is afraid maybe they accidentally ate orphan's assets omitted by simati or estate bequest simati have not divided into warrant according Islamic?

2. If to attend feast walimatulurus (wedding feast) salutation often people filled (prize money administered while shake hands). If was no money want clipped in hand, then shy it wants to go eat feast. But if it visit dead, no shy also not fleshy salutation. Should if visit the family die we could give alms. If to wedding feast, do not provide even never mind because host call to given to eat not for it increase income.

3. When attending country leaders function, we decked out smart and smart but when hauled before Allah,good at home though at the mosque, clothes over about only is even not dressed. Did not this a reverse act.

4. If become guest at home people and in give party, we shy feeling want eat reach finished what served because shy feeling and ashamed,
whereas which claimed a lot eat and is squandered what present so that sense host happy and had not wasted.

5. If prayed at the mosque optional very diligent, but if at home, too idle. Whereas as good as possible optional prayer many carried out at home like those organised by Rasulullah s.a.w to avoid ripple sense.

6. Fasting month is month educating desire including appetite excess but most people admit that in expenditure chart each Muslim house we will find out expenditure in fasting month was highest in a year.. Whereas should expenditure in lowest fasting month. It’s reverses our practice?

7. If want perform the pilgrimage, most people will make feast before going to Mecca and when got back from Mecca not done feast even. Sponsored by feast in Islam among them are because save from to travel, then made feast, through no want to travel, then made feast. It’s this practice is reverse? Or we having other purpose. ??
All passionately concerned parent maybe failed their children in check.
8. Then they send to tuition class even if even many cost its. But if child nothing doing read Quran or pray, not worry also even do not want send tuition read Quran or special class learn Islamic. If tuition teacher willing to be paid one month tens ringgit one lesson 8 times present but to Tok Guru Quran want pay RM15.00 one month 20 times present learn even shivering hand. It’s reverses our practice? We should over worried if unable child read Alquran or prayed from no pass check.

9.If work catch up Allah good fortune not count day and night, morning and afternoon,must getting to work. Rain or storm was still being traversed because want abide by work regulations. But to Allah house (mosque) not raining, not hot, not storm even fixed do not come to mosque whereas that was Allah rule.Really unabashed human like this, Allah good fortune requested but want to Mosque shy and lazy.

10. One wife if want out house either with husband or no,unbelievably more decorative. But if sit at home, masyaAllah. Whereas which claimed the one wife decorative for his husband, not decorative to others. Act


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